From the ordinary to the extraordinary, share and be encouraged by stories of God's faithful work among us at Believers Church.
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Share a 100 – 500 written story, 30 – 45 second video or audio story, or a combination of those that recap something God has done for you or someone else, like healing, reconciliation, salvation, provision, etc.

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1.) Use the Share Your Story form.

2.) If you’re submitting any files, you can email files to stories@bctulsa.com or share it as a link on the form (e.g. Google Drive or Dropbox).

3.) Limit video/audio to 30 – 45 seconds and written stories between 100 – 500 words.

need help telling your story?

The 15-Second Testimony

Check out this incredible resource that helps you explain your God story in about 15 seconds. Whether you’ve known Jesus all your life or just a few days, this helpful tool equips you to recall and retell your story to anyone God puts in front of you.

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BC God Stories 

BC Story – Kristiana Weed -2020

Be Encouraged by God'sGift of Hope in Times of Struggle Kristiana shares how 2020 was a year of struggle, but in the middle of the struggle, God gave her the strength to accept His gift of hope and is leading her to trust Him. Right around the time quarantine began, I...

BC Story – Carla Matthews – 2020

Be Encouraged by God's Desire to Go Deep in Community Carla Matthews talks shares how she now has a safe place for God to teach, heal, and lead her into all Truth since becoming a small group leader. When Believers Church made the push in April 2020 to create more...

BC Story – Beulah Adigun – 2020

Be Encouraged by God's Miraculous Healing Power Beulah shares about how her doctors checked on existing tumors and expected growth in size, quantity, and suspicion but this time...  watch the video to hear her story. More BC God Stories

BC Story – Rob Searcy – 2020

Be Encouraged by God'strustworthinessRob shares about a year of learning to trust God more in the midst of great health challenges and adjustments... watch the video to hear his story. More BC God Stories

BC Story – Paul Schmidt – 2020

Be Encouraged by God'sTransforming Work in Community Paul shares about God's transformative work in 2020 in the Tulsa community, The Merchant God has been so amazing! Each day we see our homeless friends come to the Merchant. We work in a hard, untrusting group, but...

BC Story – Brooke Poindexter – 2020

Be Encouraged by God'sPower to Work on Our Behalf Brooke shares about a time when her family thought they would lose their housing at 7 months pregnant, but God worked on our behalf. When I was 7 months pregnant, we got a call from our landlord telling us we would...

BC Story – Victor Cruz – 2020

Be Encouraged by God's Comfort Through the Family of God Victor shares about his health scares this year and how the BC community surrounded him and... watch the video to hear more. More BC God Stories