Psalm 5am

By Kristi Bridges

Lord, You are my Savior, Father and Friend.
When pestilence fills the air, You’re a cloud
Enveloping me in the breath of life
Daily, I marvel at Your kindness to me.

When, pestered by hungry cats at 5am, I shout
Stumbling from the bed squint-eyed
Quietly, I notice Your “Good morning” smile.

Where can I look and not see Your hand?
Your playful creativity shows in cow licks, dreams, and pinky toes
Your genius clears roads I’d never thought to travel
Every moment in Your presence makes me grateful
We have eternity

A Psalm of Running with Baggage and Dancing with Joy

By Kristi Bridges

Blessed is the one who never stops trusting in You.
When the wind changed and showed my plans to be wet sand
You were already building something permanent
When I sat in a deepening puddle,
Waves of rejection pulling my seat from beneath me
You said, “Let me be your Rock.”
Your love is faithful and has no end.

Blessed is the one who walks in step with You.
When I ran the race with too much baggage in my hands
You shook out attitudes, responses, and desires that had to go
I stumbled over the mess
And washed my muddy, bloody knees with tears.
You said, “Here, My yoke is easy—I’ll give you rest.”
My steps are light when I stride with You.

Blessed is the one who dances with You
Effortlessly moving in Your time
Lead me, Lord, and I’ll lean into Your hand
Looking only into Your eyes
You are my Rock, Your steps are light, and in Your eyes I find eternal joy.

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