About BC

Our vision is to be near and like Jesus.

Our mission is to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus.

Who we are:

At BC we often say that “Jesus is our vision.” What we mean when we say this is that Jesus is the one who perfectly reveals to us who God is and what he is like, and he is also the one who perfectly shows us who we are and how we are called to live. Because we believe these things, our vision as a church is to be near and like Jesus. Since only he can show us who God is, the only way to know God and enjoy relationship with him is through nearness to Jesus. And since only Jesus can give us our identity and teach us how to live it out, the only way to become who we were created to be is by becoming like Jesus. And that is why our mission is to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. A disciple is a student—an apprentice, a learner—and it is only by putting our trust in Jesus and becoming his disciples that we can be near him and become like him. And this is not something that we keep to ourselves! It is the very thing that we seek to boldly and joyfully take out into the hurting, needy world, calling others to join us in this grand pursuit and equipping them to do the same. This is what we were created and redeemed for, and so this is what we are pursuing as a church.

Our Beliefs

For a more thorough articulation of the beliefs that we hold to as “essentials of the faith,” please see our Gospel Statement.

Discipleship Map

The Discipleship Map—or “D-Map”—is the primary training tool which we use at BC for foundational discipleship. Based on Biblical reflection, it is designed to take groups through a shared dialogue to discover together how to live out the essential beliefs and practices of genuine discipleship and healthy church life.

Our Gatherings and Ministries

As a church family, we are seeking to emulate the New Testament pattern of dynamic partnership between large and small gatherings, each serving different and complementary purposes. In the ministry of Jesus, we can observe the way that he related to people in “concentric circles” of relationship: 1) the crowds, those whom Jesus would teach, heal, feed and minister to in various ways; 2) the disciples, those who followed Jesus as his apprentices (these are said to have numbered 72 and 150 at different points of his ministry); 3) the twelve apostles, who received more intentional leadership training from Jesus; 4) and the inner circle (consisting of Peter, James and John) who enjoyed the privilege of closest fellowship with Jesus.

The first church in Jerusalem also developed a rhythm of engaging in both large and small gatherings; “day by day, attending the temple together [large] and breaking bread in their homes [small]” (Acts 2:46). The apostle Paul followed this same pattern in his missionary journeys, using large gatherings in synagogues and other places as opportunities to proclaim the gospel to crowds and then gather those who were hungry for more into smaller communities for discipleship. And we see elsewhere in the book of Acts that some established churches, like those in Jerusalem and Antioch in particular, became resource hubs for the expanding network of churches that developed as a result of missional activity. These larger “hub” churches then served to train, equip, and support the other smaller churches. According to this pattern, our goal at BC is to develop interdependent rhythms of both large and small gatherings, with the life of discipleship that takes place in the smaller groups being the main focus. To this end, Believers Church and all of its various ministries seeks to function primarily as a resource hub for these smaller groups where the real life-on-life discipleship happens.

Large Worship Gatherings
All Ages
Sunday | 10a | Sanctuary
In-Person & Livestream (on YouTube)
Midweek Prayer

Wednesday | Noon | Chapel
BC Kids
Ages Newborn – 4th Grade
Sunday | 10a | Classrooms
Classes open the 1st  & 3rd Sunday of the month.
Bible Blast
Ages 4 – 5th Grade
Sunday | 5:30p – 7p | Sanctuary
Young adults & all ages
Monday | 7p – 9p | Sanctuary/Homes
Email alukes@bctulsa.com for more info.
SOZO Prayer
All Ages
Tue/Thu | By Appointment

Small Groups
Adults of all ages
Various times and locations
Celebrate Recovery
All ages
Tuesday | 6p -7p | Meal | Fireside
Tuesday | 7p – 9p | Teaching | Chapel
5th-6th grade students
Sunday | 10a | Chapel
6th-8th grade students
Sunday | 5p – 7p | Chapel
9th-12th grade gathering
Wednesday | 6:30p – 8:30p | Chapel

9th-12th grade DNA’s
Sunday | 5:30p – 7:30p | Homes

The Leadership Team

From left to right: Lead Pastor Gyle Smith, and pastors Jonathan Fruh, and Anna Lukes.


Israel Whitman –  Youth Pastor

Luke Kennedy – Junior High Youth Pastor

Zack Ripley – Children’s Ministry Director

Laurie Cruz – Children’s Ministry Assistant

Sam Westhoff – Music Director

Kristen Davis, Jesse Gurley & Nathan Riehl – Collective (College + Career Age) Leaders


Bryan & Linda Derricott – Celebrate Recovery Directors

Beth Dahl – Director of Operations

Stephen Eddins – Facilities Manager

Jennifer Willard – Admin Assistant + Reception

Mark Niemeyer – Communications Manager



Elders + Trustees

Joe & Anjanette Span
Vic & Laurie Cruz
Tim & Annamae Cameron
Matt & Molly Olsen
Jett & Dana Stubbs
Ken & Laura Weed
Roger Nix


John Phillips
Michael Kaste
Terry Blain
Mark Hodge
Scott Long
Lauren Lindsey
Tim Hart

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