About BC

Believers Church is an independent, non-denominational church family in Tulsa, Oklahoma, made up of imperfect disciples who are seeking to live a shared life of wholehearted devotion to Jesus Christ.

Our Story

BC started as a cutting edge, uber-popular church with several thousand people gathering on a weekly basis. At the peak of all the growth and excitement, internal crisis struck, and everything that had been built began to fall apart.
We were broken by brokenness. The moment we chose to stay together instead of dissolving was the moment that our identity as a healing community was born. Ever since then, vulnerability, transparency, and restoration have been core aspects of our culture. This is a place where people from all walks of life come to receive restoration from life and ministry wounds of all kinds.
Today, about 700 folks call BC their home. We’re not only a healing church, we’re also an equipping and sending church founded on the Gospel message which gives us our identity as a family on mission. Out of this, we pursue a Gospel lifestyle, aimed at training and equipping every one of our members to live intentionally missional lives as Christ’s ambassadors in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and beyond.

Our Beliefs

For a more thorough articulation of the beliefs that we hold to as “essentials of the faith,” please see our Gospel Statement.

Jesus is Our Vision


At BC, we often say that “Jesus is our Vision.” By this, we mean that Jesus is the one who shows us who God is and what God does; he is also the one who shows us who we are and what we do. One way we seek to live this out is through a practical tool we’ve created called Jesus is the Vision (JITV).

JITV is the primary teaching and training tool which we use at Believers Church for foundational discipleship. Based on Biblical reflection, it is designed to take groups through a shared dialogue to discover together how to live out the essential beliefs and practices of genuine discipleship and healthy church life.

Our Gatherings

All services and events are currently canceled until further notice. For more information, click here.


We currently meet virtually in small groups throughout the week.

See available groups here.

Worship + Teaching:

On Sunday mornings at 10 am, we premiere our worship and teaching video. You can find this week’s video on our homepage or you can check out our YouTube channel to see all our videos. If you’re looking for discussion guides, prayer tools, and more, check out our resources page.

Our Team

The Leadership Team

Gyle Smith

Gyle Smith

Lead Pastor

Cindy Fruh

Cindy Fruh


Roger Nix

Roger Nix



Jonathan Fruh –  Youth and Ministries Pastor

Israel Whitman – Youth Pastor

Zack Ripley – Children’s Ministry Director

Laurie Cruz – Children’s Ministry Assistant

Brooke Poindexter – Music Director

Anna + Dayne Lukes – Collective (College + Career Age) Leaders, Small Group + Missions Training


Bryan + Linda Derricott – Celebrate Recovery Directors

Beth Dahl – Director of Operations

Dan King – Facilities Manager

Jennifer Willard – Admin Assistant, Events + Reception

Seth Kittinger – Teaching and Training Assistant 


Elders + Trustees


Joe + Anjanette Span
Vic + Laurie Cruz
Ron + Karen Milligan
Tim + Annamae Cameron
Matt + Molly Olsen
Jett + Dana Stubbs
Ken + Laura Weed
Lee Fruh


John Phillips
Michael Kaste
Terry Blain
Mark Hodge
Scott Long
Tracy Trost