A Psalm of Gratitude

By Tim Hart

Lord of the heavenly host, creator of families,

You saw the community in shambles

A people adrift

You raised up Your children to partner with You in pastoring this group

And drew many to Yourself to journey alongside

To make a whole body out of a broken mess

Roger, a pastor with the heart of a counselor

Donna, seeking ever to heal and equip the Church

Susan, who showed us how to sing in the middle of the storm

Mark, whose smoldering fire for the Holy Spirit helped discern the way

Tim Lucas, who showed us how to be transparent and sing joy out of brokenness

Gyle, ever seeking the one best way, found that it’s simply Jesus

Alyssa, who held everything together and never complained

Seth, churning deep waters in secret and bringing up treasures to share

Jon, a public speaker, just waiting to come alive

Brooke, helping us all find our spot at Jesus’ feet

Anna, a contagious joy and fierce devotion to Father

Dayne, full of compassion, welcoming all to the Father’s table

Cindy, a heart for children, women, and all of Christ’s body

Andrea, mighty in power, insight, and birthday raps

Laurie, the most faithful of all

Zack, the tech wunderkind, who is wonderful with kids, too

Paul, servant of all and profoundly profound

Elders, prayer, serving, loving us without fail

And hundreds of others exercising their gifts in obedience and in joy

Father, You have called us each by name and adopted us into Your family

You have crossed our paths for this season and we bask in your goodness towards us

Pour out your blessing upon these, Your servants

May they know You more deeply and richly than ever before.

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