TheVisionCourse_logoSo, what is the vision, the “big idea”, of the Vision Course? Simply put, Vision Course Tulsa is a nine-month long discipleship training intensive operated within the 24-7 Prayer movement with a single goal and purpose: to raise up an army of young people within the Church who’s hearts burn for Jesus, His Gospel, His Kingdom, His Church and His mission. This is the very heart of the Vision Course. We believe that intentional, consecrated seasons dedicated wholly to radical discipleship and learning can be formational and foundational in the life of young believers in ways which few other things can. This is an opportunity for young people to truly “drop their nets” and follow hard after Jesus. While this pursuit is the life-long call of every believer, there is something special about this kind of intentional focus for a specific season of life. And this is the very sort of season we hope to provide with the Vision Course.

Here in Tulsa, the Vision Course will be offered by collaborating church communities, the Tulsa Boiler Room and Believers Church from September of 2017 through May of 2018. One of the most important distinguishing characteristics which differentiates the Vision Course from other discipleship programs available today is that it is rooted in the weekly life rhythms of a local church community. This is something that we see as vital not only to the heart of the Vision Course, but to any authentic expression of discipleship.

The core structure of the Vision Course is focused on facilitating an environment where young people can do three things: Live, Learn, and Love. We intend to integrate these important elements of Christian life throughout the whole program through community living, daily and weekly prayer rhythms, group class times, local church involvement, community service, personal mentoring, spiritual disciplines, and opportunities for both local and international mission/outreach. To this end, there are nine key questions which the Vision Course is built around:

  • Who is God? – Theology/God Story
  • What has He done? – Gospel & Kingdom
  • How do I know Him? – Relational Spirituality
  • Who am I? – Identity & Value
  • Who are we to one another? – Kingdom Family/Church
  • How do we relate to the world? – Worldview/Participation
  • What are we to do? – Vocation/Mission
  • What’s been done before? – Historical Clarity
  • How do we prepare for this? – Leadership & Project Development

While our goal is not so much to give students perfect and complete answers to all of these questions, our hope is that we will be able to help them to engage in and understand the importance of these questions, seek and find some sound answers, and learn how to keep searching and “asking well” as they continue their journey of discipleship for the rest of their lives. In an age ruled by individualism, the process of working through these issues together with others in a community context is vitally important and relevant for young believers. Our plan is to address these questions in creative ways from many different angles in hopes of producing thoughtful, intentional, passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.

If this vision resonates with you, or if you think it might strike a chord with someone you know, please contact us and/or pass on this info to others! We are excited to hear from you, hear your story, and potentially make this Kingdom journey together with you in the coming season!

Check out this short video about the Vision Course!

The Vision Course Video – Tulsa

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