Prayer Tool: Be Anxious for Nothing

Be Anxious For Nothing – Tool

Father’s Day Prayer Challenge from Gyle’s message on Sunday, June 18, 2017:

Fathers Day Prayer Challenge Guide

Picture from Elora Fite from Sunday, June 18, 2017

Here’s a picture that Elora Fite had in the 2nd service this last Sunday as we were praying over the fathers. For those who weren’t in that service, at the end of the message we asked all of the dads to come to the front so we could pray over them. Elora then had this picture show up in her mind during that prayer time:

You asked the fathers to come forward so that we could pray for them and they gathered up front along the edge of the altar/stage. Those remaining in the audience were asked to pray for the fathers. I began to pray asking God to bless them and give them strength, etc. And then my prayers turned more into an agreement with what the Holy Spirit was doing. I could see the rows of men multiply… were standing three or 4 rows deep in the space in front of the stage, and the Holy Spirit was showing me they were multiplying…  more and more rows, 8 deep then 20 deep and so on till they were on and on and on filling the room, surpassing the walls etc. This was the future legacy. These were those that would come after, influenced by the men standing in front of us.  Children and legacy, and generations in the future. People who were part of the family of God. Then I saw more rows revealed to my eyes… rows on the other side of the men, on the other side of the stage, through the walls and beyond… these were the ones cheering the Present Men on. The legacy that was put in place before us, the generations before us that had walked and given the legacy and prepared and run the good race before us, those who walked with Jesus and passed that legacy on to us.

The words that were coming to me seemed to start with an “I’… Inspiration of the Holy Spirit, his Influence in their lives, Their Influence to others, and Encouragement (no that doesn’t start with an I  😉 )… but one Word kept coming:  Individual. It seems that these many people were made of individuals – representing families and each man had his individual personality, and influence, and individual way of doing things.  The Individuality of it seemed quite mundane, especially in the eyes of each man. Just leading a family, just going to work, just sharing a smile or helping their kids. But each man was greatly influencing those around him, and it all added to the greater picture of legacy and destiny.  There were a few people – maybe 3-5 people who had disqualified themselves in their minds. As if they decided they weren’t worthy of the legacy, or weren’t qualified to be a part of what God was doing, or they felt they weren’t capable of holding His anointing. So they tried to walk away and disqualify themselves (for some reason they were blue in my mind, while the others were a brownish red). I saw the Holy Spirit come to shore them up with his wings, nudging them back before they could take more than a few steps. His wings were huge, and gentle, and like tall like a wall… there was no getting around them.  He noticed, He was full of love, and ensured that every person was shored up, so that no one was left out.  He nudged each one back to where he was meant to be.


Sharing the Gospel from Roger’s message on Sunday, May 7, 2017:

Family on Mission Video from Roger’s message on Sunday, September 11, 2016:

Word from Ruth Enns to BC – January 2016:

His Love like a tidal wave is coming, I hear the roar of the rushing waters. It is unavoidable. I feel His passion washing over this crowd of wilted wearied trees and He calls for revival in our roots. His love is coming to change us and it is a destructive force to every impurity and poison to every incredible lie. Out of the ashes of His love’s fire, out of all the broken pieces, beauty will rise. He is building His temple on the ruins of every long lost dream and every chained heart and here He will make His voice heard through the mouths of His children. Our hearts cry out His name and He is about to answer with a hurricane invoked by our feeble cries. Love like a tidal wave. His kingdom comes in the form of never ending excessive love and no unstable fruitless desire will survive the wrath of His jealousy. The Lion is roaring, He is coming! I hear Him shout out our names.





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