Roger Nix
Lead Pastor
Roger Nix has been lead pastor at BC since 2001. After graduating from ORU with a degree in Biblical literature, he and his wife helped found Impact Productions, leading and pastoring a traveling community of artists for 18 years in 30 different nations. Roger has always seen Believers as an equipping and sending hub to the nations in his desire to see radical transformations of various peoples and cultures by the Spirit of God. Roger is the Chairman of the US Board of 24-7 prayer and also serves on the Global and US Boiler Room Network. He has an MA from Liberty University in Counseling Psychology. Roger and Donna's greatest missional community is their family - two sons, one daughter, one daughter-in-law and two dogs.
Susan Sealy
Susan Sealy became a Christian at UC Berkeley during the Jesus movement. She spent several years with Campus Crusade for Christ at different university campuses, sharing the life and message of Jesus with college students. She also invested 10 years in helping lead a communal work/study discipleship journey for young adults at "Grace Haven Farm" in Ohio. A pastor at BC since 1998, she oversees a wide range of activity including pastoral care, life groups, women's ministry and the development of house churches. She also has a heart for helping people get set free and oversees the SOZO inner-healing, prayer ministry. If you talk to her for very long, you'll probably hear about another big highlight of her heart - her two grandchildren. Be prepared to see a video!
Gyle Smith
Gyle Smith has been married to his best friend Kelly for almost 22 years. They have three children together and love being parents. He studied theology at ORU and went to seminary there, and he's done a little bit of doctoral work at Regent University. Gyle's also a musician and plays drums with a group called Tribe. Since becoming a pastor at BC in 2003, he's focused on teaching and pastoral work. He's the primary driver of the Antioch School of Leadership and Church Planting, which is one of BC's core discipleship venues. He also invests much of his time on the spiritual direction and discipleship of men. Gyle oversees some of the organizational and administrative functions of the church. And he loves having the privilege of working every day with some of his best friends.
Jonathan Fruh
High School Youth Pastor

3 words people use to describe you: Fun. Friendly. Flexible.

Favorite quote: "If my heart has one ambition If my soul one goal to seek This my solitary vision That I only dwell in Thee" -Brooke Fraser

Favorite BC event: Fusion Dance Party

Brooke Poindexter
Junior High Youth Pastor
Andrea Hogue
Children's Ministry Director

3 words people use to describe you: Tall. Kind. Nerdy.

Favorite quote: "Remember no man is a failure who has friend." Clarence to George Bailey from the movie It's a Wonderful Life.

Favorite BC event: Our monthly BC Kids Hands on the Nations class

Laurie Cruz
Children's Ministry Assistant

3 words people use to describe you: Compassionate. Lovely. Gracious.

Favorite quote: When it comes to books and movies, I don't remember things long enough to have a favorite quote.

Favorite BC event: Candlelit Christmas Eve Service

Tim Lucas
Worship Director
Anna Lukes
Collective (College & Career) Leader

3 words people use to describe you: Lover of people and numbers. Dedicated. Approachable.

Favorite quote: "The system is a joke Oh, you'd be smart to save your soul"- Lauryn Hill

Favorite BC event: Going to my first Foundations class last year was pretty cool: to eat with each other, meet new people and get to know others better and learn more on a topic of my pick.

Jim & Pam Wykoff
Celebrate Recovery Directors

3 words people use to describe you: Johnny Cash. Legs. Watermelon (Jim) Warm. Personable. Sweet. (Pam)

Favorite quote: "The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do,"

Favorite BC event: CR Sunday

Beth Dahl
Director of Operations
Paul Burnett
Facilities Manager

3 words people use to describe you: Smart. Kind. Patient.

Favorite quote: "The path of least resistance is what makes both men and rivers crooked."

Favorite BC event: Fall Family Meeting

Marie McManus

3 words people use to describe you: Forthright. Hilarious. Genuine.

Favorite quote: "Those who choose safety over freedom deserve neither." (Paraphrased)

Favorite BC event: Volunteer Appreciation Night

Jennifer Willard
Admin Assistant

3 words people use to describe you: Joyful. Compassionate. Sassy.

Favorite quote: First Peter 4:8 "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."

Favorite BC event: Tulsa Missions (Fusion)

Joe & Anjanette Spann
Victor & Laurie Cruz
Ron & Karen Milligan
Tim & Annamae Cameron
Matt & Molly Olsen
Jett & Dana Stubbs
Ken & Laura Weed