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We are Men on Mission; our Mission is Jesus. Our families, our friends, our work, our church, our nation and our society need us to earnestly follow Christ. When we are following sports or money or drinks or drugs or sexual adventure outside of marriage, a massive leadership vacuum is created. In the vacuum created, people in our spheres of influence are left wanting – and dying. They need us to strongly and unapologetically make our Mission Jesus.

Join us this November 11-13 as we lean into this. How do we become Men on Mission? It is a life-long pursuit, to be sure, with many facets. We will focus on 3 particular aspects this year: rest, unity and leadership. In our society, we constantly run ourselves into the ground, are usually pursuing our own agendas and often shrink from the responsibilities of leadership. Let’s change this.

At this year’s retreat, we are going to worship and seek God together, pray for and encourage each other, spend time outside in God’s beautiful creation, be inspired, renewed and refreshed. We pray that every single man God wants to be here will come. Would you please ask Him what His will is for you? Some scholarships are available (in addition to God’s provision through other sources), so don’t let money stand in the way. Come, expecting God to move in you and through you as we join together, as Men on Mission.

Register for the Man Summit

Summit Registration$104

Activities – As part of the registration this year, we are providing Skeet Shooting and Archery.  Please choose one or the other.  That way we can be prepared with enough resources before you arrive.

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