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Foundations School of Discipleship is a 6 week series of classes that are offered two times a year (fall and winter) to help us focus on the process of becoming more and more like Jesus. Becoming His disciple is something that cannot be done on our own. We need each other.

Each Wednesday night, we gather with a shared meal with folks from all the classes at 6pm. (It’s a buffet, so if you don’t get there until 6:30pm that’s fine.) We split into our various classes at 7pm for a more in-depth study into many areas of life, such as parenting, marriage, prophetic, financial and more. If you would like more info, please contact Alyssa Quarles at

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All courses will start on Wednesday, January 17th at 7pm.  The cost is $30 per person and this includes dinner and childcare throughout the 6-week series.  We pray that you will join us this fall as we dive deeper into our relationship with Jesus.

We are excited to announce the following course line up for the fall Foundations School of Discipleship (click here to view the brochure):


with Dayne and Anna Lukes

Discover the mystery and power of prayer. We will highlight and practice different biblical modes of prayer and make room for lots of practice. We’re praying for everyone to be freshly inspired and better equipped to live lives of hopeful, faith-filled, persistent prayer.


with Anthony Elliot

We all need and desire healthy relationships. Yet, sometimes, relationships can be very hard to navigate. In this class, we will discuss some healthy relationship dynamics like intimacy barriers, judgments/perceptions/and interpretations, healthy communication, boundaries, and forgiveness.


with Jackie Johnson

Dreams are one way that God speaks to us, as demonstrated many times in Scripture. The dream course will give you the foundation for Christian dream interpretation. It will equip you to interpret your own dreams as well as those of others. There is a $15.00 additional charge for the dream manual.


with Anthony Elliott

Do you know that the way we perceive and love ourselves becomes a filter for how we love God and others?  Come find out more about what unconditional love looks like (beginning with yourself).  Learn how to maintain healthy, emotional investments and find your joyful identity.


with Ali Denman

Join us in starting the training process to become Therapeutic Foster Parents through The Bair Foundation, a Christian foster care agency that works with children ages 4-18. The class will complete the 27 hours of Guiding Principles and 3 hours of DSM training. Each week there will be “homework” to complete 3 sections at home.


with Lee Fruh and Dominic Halsmer

Father God is the ultimate Includer. He has reserved a place for you in His family and has called you to help others find their place as well. This course will help you embrace your place in God’s family and will help you discover your God-given, personalized way to help include others in His Family.


with Gyle Smith and Cindy Fruh

Learn more about BC! This class shares the vision and direction of BC in this next season. You will have an opportunity to meet our leaders and hear their hearts regarding these ministries that shape our community. This is a great class if you are newer to BC or would like to better understand the heart of our community.


with Roger Nix

This class is for those interested in hosting, leading, and facilitating a life group or house church expression. An interactive class designed to help prepare you with both a biblical and practical foundation for doing life together.