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House Churches & Life Groups

We’re passionate about experiencing more of God and each other throughout the week in smaller gatherings. We believe that discipleship and community can best be experienced in these smaller settings which inspire spiritual growth centered around the Word, worship, prayer, and mission together.

What’s the difference between a house church and life group? We’re still figuring that out ourselves. House churches meet weekly with the invitation of contribution and ownership to all participants. They also carry a strong commitment to mission together. Life groups, which continue to be great places of fellowship and growth, meet less regularly and may not be as intentional in their commitment to mission.

If you’d like to get connected or get more information, just grab a card from the Community Life board across from the Info Center and contact the leaders listed on the card or contact Cindy Fruh

Life Groups


Tim & AnnaMae Cameron
Life Group Leaders

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Saturday evenings.

Our heart is to do life together, to form life long relationships. We always share a potluck meal. At the heart of our meetings are times of worship and prayer together.

Both Tim and Annamae are prayer warriors and mentors. All ages are welcome.

Contact Time at 918-237-5891 or Annamae at 918-688-7984

Brian & Cheryl Booth
Life Group Leaders

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday evenings.

Our gatherings always being with a potluck dinner. We have discussions that are often built around a passage of Scripture. We've also done topic studies together. All ages (teens and up) are welcome, but at the current time our group is made up of some fabulous people 50+ in age.

Contact Brian at 918-250-1263 or Cheryl at 918-810-9785

Scott & Anna Long
Life Group Leaders

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Friday evenings.

Our wild and crazy group is made up of eight or so families in their 30's and 40's. We outgrew a house and meet in a building so that we have good space for childcare for the nearly 30 children we bring. We're serious about pursuing God together through shared lives, but joke we're only open to "kidless" couples" (Maybe they aren't joking!)

Contact Anna at 918-645-6524

Ron & Karen Milligan
Life Group Leaders

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings.

Our group is just feisty. We are in hot pursuit of all God has for us. We've done some book studies together (e.g. Red Moon Rising) and some teaching videos (Bethel's Hosting the Presence). We share finger foods as our group grew so large, there was no room for all the food in a potluck. All adults are welcome.

Contact Ron at 918-728-9522 or Karen at 918-688-3769

Larry & Pam Scott
Life Group Leaders

We meet every Sunday in the early evening

Our group is currently made up of about eight young families ranging from mid 20's into their 30's. We go after God together through deep discussions based on biblical reflection and lots of prayer. We're intent on developing a mission statement for our group. All ages are welcome.

Contact Larry at 918-607-5900 or Pam at 918-607-7171

Kyle and Sara Wester
Life Group Leaders

We meet every other Friday

We have a purposeful focus on families with young children. We view our time together as an opportunity to being out children alondsie us as we worship God together.

Contact Kyle at 918-688-8882 or Sara at 918-760-5862
Ed and Vivien Long
Life Group Leaders

We meet Sundays at 1pm two times a month.

Our group loves missions. Some of our folks regularly do two-to-three month mission trips and a couple of thier folks have moved as missionaries to other countries. We love helping out at International Community Outreach at Tulsa University. We gather around a meal when we meet. Though incredibly young-at-heart, most of our folks are 60+. All ages are welcome.

Contact Ed at 918-549-0705 or Vivien at 918-549-1799.

Matthew and Michelle Stavros & Deren and Sarah Huang
Life Group Leaders

We meet Sundays at 5pm.

We are a group for young marrieds looking for community. We are committed to supporting each other through friendship, consistency, and accountability. In our time together, we pray for each other, worship, and discuss what the Lord is teaching us.

Contact Michelle Stavros: 918-764-5787.